Monday, 03 August, 2020

Nordea Bank Sweden to ban employees from owning Bitcoin

According to the current guidelines of Nordea Bank Sweden, the possession and trading of crypto currencies is allegedly prohibited for the approximately 30,000 employees. The management of this leading Scandinavian financial group has been known for some time to be very sceptical about crypto currencies.

In his opinion, the Bitcoin evolution cannot be successful in the long run

The Finnish management is to have forbidden the approximately 30,000 employees even the possession and/or trade with Bitcoin and other Bitcoin evolution crypto currencies. The Bitcoin evolution scam should concern all employees without exception according to data of the secret source. So also secretaries, for example IT employees and even the cleaning staff of the Swedish Nordea Bank. We have sent the company a press request via Twitter that has not yet been answered. Should a statement appear, we will deliver it as soon as possible.

In 2014, Björn Wahlroos, Chairman of the Management Board, stated in the Finnish press that the Bitcoin had attracted attention mainly because of various money laundering and security scandals. He argues that anyone depositing their money at an online marketplace should allegedly act in a similar way to treating their wallet carelessly. To another online magazine, Wahlroos said the Bitcoin was not an official currency, but merely a tool for exchanging communities on the Internet.

As Bloomberg reported last December, Nordea manager Casper von Koskull called the Bitcoin a „joke“ and an „absurd construction“. In principle, the bank wants nothing to do with such speculations. It makes no sense to offer this currency to the mainstream, especially as it is so often mentioned in the same breath with different offences. „How does the Bitcoin fit in with the issue of regulation and financial breaches?“ Koskull quoted. The Bitcoin would take the expensive control systems of the financial system to absurdity because there is no control at all. The manager could not understand why Bitcoin was still allowed at all in this context.

Skepticism Does Not Include Bitcoin evolution Technology

Update: Bitcoin evolution insider editor John Stanley Hunter informed me on Monday via Twitter that a Nordea spokesman had replied to him at the editorial’s request that, according to his own statements, there should be no guidelines for employees regarding the possession of Bitcoin evolution crypto currencies. An answer to our request, however, is still pending.

Update: Today the internal rules of the Nordea Bank were passed to us (see screenshot on the left), according to which the employees are forbidden to trade with crypto currencies. Exception: It happens on behalf of the customers, it is a service of the bank itself or however, one of the superiors permitted it explicitly. One wonders in view of the excerpt, who told the truth or lied here!?? The anonymous whistleblower or the bank spokesman?

The Scandinavian financial group is less sceptical about Blockchain technology. In December 2017, Nordea Bank announced that, in cooperation with IBM, the company was supporting a trading consortium based on Blockchain as a founding partner. Other founding members are Santander Bank, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Rabobank, Société Générale, Deutsche Bank and UniCredit.